Amanda Connor

A human healer specializing in the healing of both the body and the soul.


Amanda Connor is the sister to Melinda Connor, and the two of them travel from one world to the next seeking out any intrusions from the Dark Realm into the light worlds to seal up the breaches and prevent the demons in the Dark Realm from escaping. Amanda is the light side of the pair. Along their travels they encounter many other characters, and Amanda’s sense of right and wrong leads her to want to help out those in need and put a stop to those who would harm the innocent. Amanda readily heals the sick and wounded and she also prefers to heal the soul of someone who is evil rather than kill them. She believes that people are evil because their inner flame has gotten weak, and they need her energy to restore that flame and thus regain the ability to love and care for others. Though she does recognize that not everyone has even a spark of an inner flame, the Dark Realm denizens being among these.

Amanda is about 5’6" and has long dark hair with sky blue eyes.

Amanda Connor

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