America – Rifts Earth Circa 180 PA

The small town of Whykin, on the edge of the land of Federation of Magic and the CS State of Missouri, has always been a place of peace. Lately the nights have been getting darker, the days shorter, winter is coming and with it darkness that hasn’t been felt in the world since circa 18 PA. There has been rumors of Harvesters taking people at night and performing dark rituals to steal their souls for Nxla.

The CS state of Missouri has taken an interest in the rumors and have begun to send soldiers to investigate. They intend to quell the rumors or the Harvesters, but first they must make their stand. The peoples of the Federation are unwilling to cooperate with the CS soldiers, sometimes even outright attacking them, claiming they are invading their territory, using the rumors as an excuse.

The market in Whykin has always been known to not only harbor fugitives running from CS soldiers, but for selling black market bionics. Several CS entered the market on a sunny day, looking for bionic weapons in order to get more troops sent into the city.

This is where our story begins!

Through the Mirror

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